CHILDREN’S Performing Arts Workshop (Chipawo) director Chipo Basopo-Chindungwe has said their latest play titled Secrets of A Woman’s Soul seeks to expose challenges affecting women.

Basopo-Chindungwe told NewsDay Life & Style that the play, based on a true story written by Lutanga Shaba, was produced as part of women’s month celebrations.

The month of March has been set aside to celebrate women’s contributions to history and contemporary society.

“The play Secrets of A Woman’s Soul was written by Lutanga Shaba based on a true story narrating her ordeal as a young child as well as her mother’s fate. It was then adopted by Chipawo members, Kavanagh Msengu, Tinotenda Wakatama, and Deon Pircardo,” she said.

“The play is about a woman, Linga, and her mother Beata as they struggle to survive, are manipulated into offering sex favours by the same old men and how she had to take care of her mother when she became sick. All these were kept secrets.”

Basopo-Chindungwe said the play was based on the themes of sexual manipulation, abuse, child labour and child pregnancy.

Secrets of A Woman’s Soul explores how women are treated in our society, how they are struggling in public and behind closed doors. It explores conditions where women are forced to surrender in order to make a living,” she said.

“In the play, Linga’s mother dies at the age of 56 after 15 years of nursing HIV. She got tuberculosis and told no one, she got cancer, and her friend persuaded her not to go for treatment and in the closet the stigma feeds on secrecy.”

She said as people continued celebrating women in society, there were some problems faced by women that need to be given serious attention.

“Child marriages are among the issues that need critical attention when it comes to women. We know change does not take place in a day, but people, government and organisations should come together and agree on how to handle this issue,” she said.

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