Mdawini Sibanda known as “Uncle Zex”

BULAWAYO-BASED comedian Mdawini “Uncle Zex” Sibanda has spread his creative wings to music and book writing as part of efforts to showcase his other artistic side.

The reigning National Arts Merits Award (Nama) outstanding comedian has since released a piano song and poem titled Who is Makhosana and is working towards publishing a book titled On the Other Side of Tradition.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Uncle Zex said he wrote the poem to showcase his other creative side as he sought to explore his hidden talents.

“The major aim with my forthcoming book is to teach the coming generations the importance of tradition as it speaks of how I grew up respecting elderly people in society,” he said.

“I went as far as Chapter 4 of the book which is spiced with African proverbs and other traditional norms which will educate the young ones on how to grow up morally right and be obedient to their elders.”

He added: “I released my piano song to test my skills in the music industry as I alluded to the hardships that are posed by the COVID-19 pandemic on local artistes.”

“The song is dedicated to the new generation of 2000s (ama 2k) who listen to the trending amapiano songs that evolve with time.

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