Did Samsung’s social media person mistake the device for one of its own?

Samsung popularized the foldable phone category thanks to its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold line of devices, but we’ve since seen a few rival foldables joining the party. Now, it looks like Samsung has complimented one of these rival devices on Twitter, although it’s unclear if this was an intentional decision.

An Oppo and OnePlus PR executive posted a GIF of the Oppo Find N on Twitter, with Samsung responding by calling the compact Oppo foldable “pretty ah-mazing” (h/t: 9to5Google). Check out a screenshot of the interaction below.

We’re not sure if the Samsung Twitter account knowingly complimented the Oppo Find N or if it simply thought the device in question was a Galaxy Z Fold series foldable.

On the one hand, we seldom see smartphone companies openly praising rival devices on social media, making us think that this was accidental. On the other hand, it’s theoretically possible that Samsung is praising a category of phone it popularised in the first place or simply thinks the Find N is innovative. Either way, the company has left the tweet up for a few days now.

Nevertheless, we hope Samsung takes inspiration from the Find N and launches a more compact foldable in the Z Fold series. However, we also hope that Oppo takes cues from Samsung and brings its foldable to plenty of markets outside China.

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