FOOTBALL legend Lloyd Chitembwe says he rues his decision to assist a woman in the neighbourhood after this led to the collapse of her 10-year-old marriage.

The CAPS United gaffer reportedly sent $1 600, through an EcoCash transaction to a married woman, Tracy Nyamurowa of Chitungwiza Unit A, where he stays.


The transaction was seen by Nyamurowa’s husband, Derek Chima, who reacted by ending their marriage, in which they were blessed with two children.

The former CAPS United and Warriors midfielder confirmed the transaction, but said it was meant for sausages which had been bought by his relative.


The transaction, however, did not go well with Chima, who sent his wife packing.


Chitembwe said the matter was being fabricated by people who were after tarnishing his image.

“I am totally disappointed by what is being said pertaining to this matter,” said Chitembwe.


“They are fabricating the story to suit what they want in an effort to tarnish my image.


“I know the woman, since we live in the same hood, and nothing else.


“The truth is that one of my relatives is a friend to the woman and, one of these days, my relative asked me to send money to her (Nyamurowa’s) EcoCash number.


“I was not aware whose EcoCash number it was and that is how the issue started.


“This has affected me a lot and I know the people fabricating this story.”

“I have moved out of my house over accusations that I am dating Lloyd Chitembwe,” said Nyamurowa.


“I never dated Chitembwe as alleged.


“My husband saw an Ecocash message in my mobile phone of ZWL$1 600 sent by Chitembwe.


“Chitembwe has a relative who sells sausages so the relative was the one who requested that the money be sent to my account. “That money has caused all this.


“My husband’s relatives accused me of cheating, that transaction has contributed to wrecking my marriage.


“One of my haters has posted my photograph, attached to that of Chitembwe, with a message that I was caught red-handed, which is false.


“I need counselling. I have been emotionally affected by this.”


Chima’s brother told H-Metro the family had agreed to excuse Derek from using his mobile phone following the incident.


“Derek imbomusiyai zvishoma, ndatombomutorera phone yake achazotaura zvake,” said the brother.



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