DESPITE the fact that she has never had sex, a British woman is speaking out about becoming pregnant and giving birth.

Kimberley Godsall, a 38-year-old virgin, gave birth to her daughter Scarlett after spending more than $21 000 (about R315 000) on fertility treatments.

Godsall is among a growing number of “virgin mums” who are opting to have children before they become intimate.

At least four fertility clinics in England have helped heterosexual virgins conceive in recent years.

According to The New York Post, a British fertility doctor said she had personally worked with three women, virgins, who wanted to conceive.

“One was a career woman and too busy, and I don’t think they’ve given themselves the opportunity to explore their sexuality. They were well-balanced and mentally prepared,” the doctor said.

The exact number of “virgin mums” in America was not known, but it was likely that fertility experts across the country were also helping women become parents before having sex.

Godsall said she was “saving herself” for marriage, despite the fact she was not religious.

“I realise it’s a romantic view of life. But from a young age, I knew that while I wanted children, I only ever wanted to have sex with the person I’m going to marry,” she stated.

“So, I felt I’d failed when I wasn’t married by my mid-20s. I don’t judge other people for having lots of sexual partners; they can do what they like with their bodies,” she added.

“And, I wouldn’t expect my partner to be a virgin. That doesn’t bother me either; this is just what I’ve always wanted for myself.”


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