A man from Bulawayo who stumbled on a sex tape of his wife in a sexual encounter with another man has been dragged to court after he beat her,threatened to kill her and set her parents’ house on fire.


Last Phiri (37) of Old Pumula suburb got wind that his wife Monica Ncube (34) was two-timing him with another man. A friend gave him a sex tape which he used to confront his wife.


Phiri asked her why she cheated on him, but she vehemently denied.


He showed her a sex tape that she had recorded with her lover in their matrimonial bedroom before he grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the face and all over the body.


Ncube managed to free herself from his tight grip and sprinted to a police station and reported the matter. Phiri was then arrested.


While the pair were at the police station, Phiri became violent as he threatened to kill his wife and said he would then burn her parents’ house as he alleged that they were influencing her to cheat on him.


Last appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja for physical abuse as defined in Section 3(1)(a) of the Domestic Violence Act chapter 5:16 and threats as defined in section 186(1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23.


He pleaded not guilty to the physical abuse charge, but pleaded guilty to a charge of threats.


He was remanded out of custody to next week on Wednesday for sentencing.

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