Client waiting to return the magical coffin

A TEENAGER has returned a “magical coffin” which he was reportedly given by a Chitungwiza sangoma on the pretext that it would make him filthy rich within one week.

The teenager said he consulted Gogo Mamoyo on Monday to get magical powers which would help him get rich quickly.


His sister saw the “magical coffin” and forced him to return it to the traditional healer.


The teenager had reportedly stolen US$100 from his sister to seek Gogo Mamoyo’s services.


He was given the small coffin and ordered not to open it for the next three years and to ignore any sounds which would come from it.


He was also ordered to undress at 3am daily and conduct rituals while looking at the coffin.


The ritual coffin

In return, the coffin would start giving him money in a week.


H-Metro accompanied the family, when it took the teenager back to Gogo Mamoyo’s house.


The crew was ordered to take off their shoes, reveal their totem and enter Gogo Mamoyo’s dark room, while facing backwards.


The sangoma was seated with her mother.


She admitted to giving the teenager the “ritual coffin” arguing that he had lied to her that he was aged 25.


Gogo Mamoyo

Gogo Mamoyo said she only gave such ritual coffins to people above 20 years of age.


“I know this man. He came seeking get-rich-quick goblins and I enquired about his marital status and age,” said Gogo Mamoyo.


“I gave him the goblin, in the form of a coffin, and I instructed him not to open the coffin for the next three years.


“The goblin would bring him the money he wanted, within a week, if he was to follow instructions.


“Among the instructions, he had to undress every day at 3am, achiteketera midzimu yake, akatarisana necoffin iroro.


“He must not have sexual intercourse with anyone within three days, he must not greet people with his hands and other dangerous instructions would follow since he wanted to get rich quick.


“I was not going to accept the returning of the coffin, if he was over 20 years.


“I feel sorry for this young man and when he came I didn’t know that he is young considering that he is so tall.


Ndichamupa porridge raanodya nekunze kweruwoko kuti mishonga yaakashandisa musi waakateketera asina kupfeka ipere simba.


“I was told that the boy stole the money he paid for consultation, but I will not refund him since he was yet to bring a balance of US$300.”


She charged US$400 for the goblin, which was expected to bring millions of dollars, within three months.


The teenager told H-Metro he wanted to acquire wealth to support his struggling parents in Masvingo.


“I learnt about Gogo Mamoyo from one of my friends based in Chitungwiza and he is the one who warned me about giving my correct age, saying it would block me from meeting some of the requirements,” he said.


“I lied about my age and was strongly warned not to tell anyone about the matter and to hide the coffin from everyone.


“My sister is the one who opened my bag and saw the coffin and she became furious about it forcing me to lead her to the sangoma.


“I have been working but I lost my job recently and I wanted to make quick money, in order to look after my parents.


“I am seeking guidance, and prayers, for me to be safe.”

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