Residents in Maphisa were on Tuesday last week treated to free and unrehearsed reality street theatre when a jilted man busted his wife in the act in her car with her boyfriend at 3am outside a supermarket.

The angry man, Tendai Phiri (47) tried to open the car doors but failed as his wife, Perseverance Ndlovu (31) and her secret lover had locked the doors. He then picked up stones and smashed the car windows.

The wife tried to drive away but failed as a crowd that had been attracted by the fracas inadvertently blocked her escape route.
Phiri stopped himself from assaulting the cheating couple as he was embarrassed.

Maphisa residents says Perseverance is a serial cheater and is well known in Maphisa for straying from her marital bed. Phiri is said to be a long-suffering husband who always forgives his adulterous wife whenever he catches her cheating.

But this time he is reeling from the latest betrayal because the last time he caught her cheating, she had promised him that she would mend her ways.

“The husband got wind that his wife was cheating on him because we have been hearing a lot of stories about multiple occasions when the husband has been catching his wife cheating but keeps on forgiving her because after the incidents you would see them back to normal again leading a happy couple life.

This time it seems he was angry that’s why he got violent because we know him from Zion Church, he is not known for violence,” said a source close to the goings on.

In an interview, Phiri said he was very furious the night he caught his wife of eight years cheating but was now willing to forgive her as he loves her a lot.

“It’s very painful to find someone you love cheating on you, it makes you wonder where you go wrong and what you lack, but when you love someone you always feel like forgiving her.

I have forgiven her from the bottom of my heart. I wish things could go back to normal because I really love my wife despite her flops but I think we really need counselling after what has happened to us,” he said.

Phiri has repaired the damage he inflicted on his wife’s car as a sign that he was ready to work things out. But Perseverance is still to return home and seems unwilling to work on her marriage. Whenever Phiri calls her, she tells him that she is not ready to talk.

Perseverance said she had no comment on what happened. “I have nothing to say on whatever happened. What has happened has happened, it can’t be reversed,” she said.

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