A HARARE woman, who reportedly consented to be a secret second wife, is allegedly threatening to commit suicide at the husband’s house.

This has prompted John Murira to approach the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against Njema Lydia Chimhanzi.

Chimhanzi is the second wife and they have two children together. Murira’s first wife didn’t know about her and the children.

Said Murira: “Chimhanzi and I separated and we have two children together.

“My wife does not know that I have a second wife. We agreed to keep it a secret, but when we separated she couldn’t take it and that is when she started to be violent.

“She came to my house and started shouting and threatened to commit suicide on our doorstep’.

“After she left, she sent me a message telling me she was going to come for me. She says l don’t take care of my children and that is a lie because I even took care of her first daughter with another man. I even pay rent for her and my children.”

Chimhanzi, in her defence, said:

“I am in opposition with what he wrote in his affidavit. I never approached his home with the intention of causing havoc but it was because I wanted money to take care of our children.

“Ever since we separated, he neglects our children and our last born is actually in intensive care and he is not even taking care of the bills.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire advised Chimanzi to approach the maintenance court and not to abuse Marira in any way, never to go to his house and also not to text him.

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