OLIVER “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s widow, Daisy, has expressed shock and dismay at South African scammers who are duping desperate jobs-seekers using a bogus agency registered in their family name.


A link, under the name Tuku Music Job Agency, has been circulating on social media where unsuspecting job-seekers have reportedly been swindled of cash by the con artists.


Under the terms and conditions of the agency, run by one Derby Mtukudzi, ‘‘stay out maids’’ who want jobs in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, are required to pay a non-refundable R400 agent fee.


In return, claims the agency, maids will be paid R200 per day.


The same advert stipulates that one should be in possession of a valid passport or asylum records.


Locals should simply produce their South African passports to be employed after paying the agent fee.


However, it turned out that the agency is bogus after scores of people made enquiries with Tuku’s family.


“We have learnt with shock and dismay that there is someone using our family name to con people in South Africa promising them jobs. There is nothing like that and we have never established a job seeking agency under our stable.


“In fact, there is nothing like that (Tuku Music Job Agency) in our business interests so we urge people to be cautious that they don’t become victims of the scammers,” she said.


Daisy also told H-Metro that there is nobody like Derby Mtukudzi, in Tuku’s family.


“It’s very unfortunate that there is no one like Derby Mtukudzi that I know in Tuku’s family.


“In short, I urge people to stop being scammed by dubious people. Those who want to get authentic information about the family should, at least, call us here in Zimbabwe and find out from us the authenticity of the agency,” she said.


She, however, conceded it was hard bringing to book the scammers, who had duped several people.


“In these days of social media, it’s hard to find who is behind this because these con artists are clever.


“My only advice to the people is that we are distancing ourselves from the scammers.


“I am happy in Norton and I am currently doing my best to fend for my family so I don’t have all the time for that scam,” she added. Similar sentiments were echoed by Tuku’s daughter Selmor who laughed off the claims.


It has just come to my attention that there are criminals in South Africa who are using our family name to steal money from innocent and naive people.


“There is no Tuku Music Job Agency in South Africa, there is nobody called Derby Mtukudzi in our family; we distance ourselves from all these WhatsApp groups.


“We do not know these people. If you know who they are please report them asap.


“Hanzi Tuku Music Dancing Girls . . .Kana mazogara guys, musabirwe mari nezvakapusa kudai. 


“Makambonzwa Dancing Girls kwaTuku rinhi nhai?”


“Ndotoseka hangu nhamo kunge rugare. Mwari ivai nevanhu venyu,” wrote Selmor in her Facebook post.


Some of her friends claimed they were victims of the scammers while others urged desperate job seeks to be on the lookout.

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