PASSION JAVA and his wife, Lily, appear unmoved by reports he impregnated his South African girlfriend, Leeshaan Da Gama.

The scandal exploded when Leeshaan started posting her pictures, with Passion Java, suggesting they were an item.

The post was largely ignored by both Passion and his followers.

Last week, she went further to suggest – this time through Tik-Tok videos – that Passion impregnated her.

She also released chats – allegedly between her and Passion – suggesting he was asking her to abort.

She also released some videos of them together.

Leeshaan has since apologised to her family, and friends, for the harm she might have caused.

Passion responded with a skit he posted on his social media.

In the skit, Passion appeared to be in high spirits and said he would not lose sleep over the people judging him for his alleged shenanigans.

Leeshaan Da Gama

He even cited some biblical examples adding he was not the first person to sin before the Lord if, indeed, the rumours were true.

Haa vakomaka, vakomana vemubhibheri wainakirwa…David aichaya, aichaya kunakirwa, akaroora mukadzi wemunhu, haa muface aisiza uyu… Jacob akashanda 14 years, kushandira vakadzi two kuti anakirwe. Solomon akaroora vakadzi 1000 kuti anakirwe.

“Iwe woti Passion usanakirwe,” said Passion in the skit.

Passion’s wife, Lily, also leapt to his defence, saying all was well.

“No weapon formed against my family shall prosper, no demon that is sent with an agenda can separate my family, we stand together, we pray together, and we laugh together.

“Keep trying Satan but you are already defeated and under my feet. For we stand on a Rock that can never be shaken or moved,” she said.

Following Lily’s post, some of her followers on social media have been comforting her while others claimed Passion erred, if he cheated on his wife.

Below are some of the reactions to Lily Java’s post:

Mandy-cathy: Satan made your husband cheat, delusion or denial?

Kuziva2017: It’s your husband forming the weapon against you, try to travel with him, he is up to no good unless you are that woman who said so long money. He is b******g around.

Preciousphirii: Your husband is the demon himself, he needs more prayers. We love you and pray you overcome everything.

Shev-brown: I understand it’s normal for every woman to safeguard her home, both spiritually and physically, but my issue is not with you but that your demon-possessed husband who goes about using the name of Jesus deceiving people with fake prophecy and sleeping with ladies, is it that God hasn’t show you, as a prophetess, or we need to question your gift as well, you are dying inside but coming on social media to paint a good picture of him, no need we already know who he is.

Leeshaan Da Gama and Passion Java

If you can’t see for your family, then you need a medical spiritual check-up and some beating to bring sense into your head.

piri bay wa: Bvuma kupusa nhai

princemuwandi: Zvikaita basa zvine basarei.

Innocent_java: Amen mama.

Primrose Nomathemba Ndlovu: Slay queen ve TikTok vakanyeperwa vakanzi you can destroy him by exposing him…senyika, we are in election mode. We are busy campaigning for our politicians to care about who is sleeping with who. Tamira na Panga naLily, it is public knowledge that those two are in mereji. Those who want to joint their family can do so quietly and smoothly. While Pashoni is a man of God, a few bibilical verses do support his behaviour and, as a man of African heritage, there is nothing shocking or out of the norm by having as many as he can afford.

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