A NUMBER of women and children, believed to be possessed with marine spirits, have turned Waterfalls into their shrine.

The waterfall, along Mukuvisi River, opposite Houghton Park suburb, has become a major attraction that “manjuzu” frequent, in the wee hours, for cleansing ceremonies.

A visit by an H-Metro crew on Saturday saw some traditional healers from various suburbs conducting ceremonies using rice, sweets, course salt, eggs, fresh milk, wine and snuff.

The self-styled prophets splashed their clients with eggs, fresh milk and coarse salt.

Gogo Soko, real name Tabeth Chidanda (42) of Dzivaresekwa, who had four clients, told H-Metro she was a traditional healer.

Among her clients was a minor, whom she asked to recite her totem during the cleansing ceremony.

“I am not a church spiritual leader, but a traditional healer,” said Gogo Soko.

“I am here to cleanse my clients with marine spirits.

Vanamanjuzu vanoda kugezwa, kutonhodzwa, uye kupfekedzwa nekuti njuzu haipfekedzerwe pakawoma.

“I only visit this place when I have clients who need marine spirit cleansing and dressing only. Besides that I operate from home.”

The self-styled prophets splashed their clients with eggs, fresh milk and coarse salt.

She ordered her clients to kneel and sit down under the falls.

Some of the self-styled prophets and traditional healers refused to entertain H-Metro.

“We are here for business, not for news. Better record those guys behind the river disturbing women here,” one of them said.

Across Mukuvisi River, some people could be seen watching all this drama from a distance.

They appeared more interested in watching women, changing their clothes, before and after the cleansing.

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