A 43 year old Lusaka man who was last year released from jail after spending 17 years in prison, only to find that his wife fell in love and has a 14 years old son with a police officer who framed him with a murder case, has forgiven both his wife and the police officer. He was released after it was determined that he was falsely accused.

At the time of his arrest, his only biological daughter was 1 year 8 months. Despite his wife going out for 10 years with a police officer who arrested him, Mr Chriss Mbulo said he has forgiven both the officer and his wife. He has since reconciled with his wife and the come-together party will be held next month.

Meanwhile, the police officer who had arrested him in order to enjoy his wife for 10 good years has apologised to him and will equally attend the come together party next month.

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