Comedienne Madam Boss’ husband, Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa, is in the eye of a storm after a woman he allegedly impregnated threatened to commit suicide.

His shenanigans with Evangelister Zhou, an assistant dentist at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, came to light on Monday when the latter disclosed her intention to terminate the pregnancy.

Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa

Eva went on to post a video of herself downing a pesticide, threatening to take her life. She said she was fed up of being abused by Ngonidzashe who reportedly sent someone to rush her to a doctor.

However, when contacted by H-Metro, Ngonidzashe denied knowledge of Eva, describing the allegations as one of many stories cooked up to tarnish his image.

Pastor Jairos Maphosa

Eva told H-Metro Ngonidzashe had been ignoring her calls and messages since Friday, prompting her to confide in Pastor Jairos Maphosa of the Church of Asaph.

“Ngonidzashe has been ignoring me since Friday,” said Eva.

The alleged pesticide

“He is responsible for my pregnancy and when I sent him a video of myself downing a pesticide, he sent one of his friends to take me to a doctor.

“If you publish this story my fear is to be dumped forever.


“My relatives are not happy to see me marrying Ngoni.

“If you publish this story I will surely come to be your second wife,” said Eva.


Ngonidzashe vehemently denied any knowledge of Eva saying a number of people had been calling him enquiring about the matter.

“You are not the first person asking me about Eva, but truly speaking, I do not know her.

“If you may send me her photographs,” said Ngonidzashe.

After receiving the photograph, he refused to entertain H-Metro.

He then sent threatening messages to Eva and barred her from talking to H-Metro.

However, Pastor Maphosa realised Ngoni was abusing her and exposed Madam Boss husband.

Pastor Maphosa told H-Metro Ngoni threatened Eva with unspecified action if she continued talking to the media.

“Evangelister has been fellowshipping with us for some time from the time she was still living in Mberengwa,” said Pastor Maphosa.

“She relocated to Harare and is still under church custody since she is an orphan and I could not allow someone to continue abusing her.

“Yesterday, (Monday) she sent some messages, including videos of herself taking a pesticide and threatening to take her life because of Ngonidzashe.

“She accused Ngoni of forcing her to terminate a pregnancy for the second time and this touched my heart.

“I am in South Africa, but I openly told Eva that Ngoni’s evil acts must be exposed because he was abusing her.

“This is not the first time Eva has threatened to take her life. She did the same after she was forced to terminate her first pregnancy.

Hanzi zvikazivikanwa ndinorarama sei naMadam Boss uye iye Ngoni arikuti unozviona chete saka nyarara.

“I have all the WhatsApp conversations between me and Eva, including the video she sent me.

“I warned Eva over dating a married man, but I cannot allow Ngonidzashe to continue abusing this woman by taking advantage of her background, no.

“Eva is afraid of Madam Boss, but she wanted to be a second wife to Ngonidzashe.

“We are against that decision of dating a married man,” said Pastor Maphosa.

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