A MARONDERA man is threatening to divorce his wife demanding an explanation as to how a number of male contacts were saved under female names in her mobile phone.


Among the five “suspicious” contacts, saved in Nelia Madziva’s phone, is her husband Oman Mawusha’s friend Trust Mahere.

He was saved as Tabeth.


Salatiero Msangwe was saved as Mai Nyasha.


Tendai and Webster are also saved under female names. All the five men are based in Marondera.


Madziva admitted to dating the five men at least according to her husband Mawusha, arguing that their marital issues had forced her to cheat.


She is also begging for forgiveness.


Mawusha declined to let his wife give her side of the story to H-Metro.


Instead, he has threatened to take her back to her parents this week, over her shenanigans.


He showed H-Metro love messages sent to Nelia by five different men.


“My wife has been dating several men, including my friend and villager, and this came to light after I confiscated her mobile phone,” said Mawusha.


“She is refusing to pack her belongings, but I will force her to leave this week after engaging my lobola middle-person. I discovered that she has been dating Trust for the past year, Msangwe for six months and Webster for eight months.”


Msangwe confirmed the illicit affair, arguing that Nelia had lied to him about her marital status.


“Yes, I had an affair with Nelia but I have since stopped communicating with her after discovering that she is married,” said Msangwe.


“The day I met her, she told me that she had separated with her husband over some marital issues and I started communicating with her through the messageswhich were discovered in her mobile phone.


“Her husband called me and I told him the truth and from that day I have not been seeing Nelia,” said Msangwe.


Trust denied the allegations.


“It is true that Oman was one of my seniors at a primary school in Chihota but I never dated his wife as alleged,” said Trust.


“When I visited the village sometime last year, I asked for Owen Mawusha’s contact, who was my friend, not Oman. The person gave me contact numbers of Oman instead of Owen and that’s where the issue started.


“I sent messages of missing him (Owen) and those are the messages discovered by Oman and, since he was exchanging his mobile phone with his wife, Oman phoned me accusing me of dating his wife.


“I never met his wife and I never dated her as alleged.”


Webster and Tendai could not be reached for comment.

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