Despite its feature-packed nature, WhatsApp still doesn’t have an easy way to communicate with other WhatsApp numbers if you don’t have their number saved in your contacts. It is possible, but not even close to how easy as it should be. However, WhatsApp could soon be changing this.

A new beta build for Android (WhatsApp Beta version has revealed that the company is working on a solution for this. The build reveals that simply tapping on an unsaved number in a chat bubble will open up a few options, one of which will let you message that particular number right away.

Other options that appear when you tap on this unsaved number also include ‘Dial’ and ‘Add to contacts,’ reveals a screenshot by Android Authority. Currently, tapping on a new number in WhatsApp chats will take you straight to the phone dialer instead.

This new implementation is still not flawless however, as a major limitation is that it will only work for numbers which exist on a chat that you can tap. This means either someone else has to send you this number or you must send it to someone before you can tap on it to open up the new options.

The feature is still in beta and it will be a while before users can see it implemented in the stable version of the app. Until then, the only way to initiate a chat with an unsaved contact is to open up a browser on your phone and visiting the URL where the ‘phonenumber’ can be replaced with the number you want to text.

WhatsApp could limit forwarding messages to groups

In other news, WhatsApp is also testing a new forwarding limitation, as per a report by WABetaInfo that stops you from forwarding a message to multiple groups at once. Instead of the five groups you can forward a message to right now, the new limitation will allow forwarding to only one group at a time.

This means if you do want to forward it to multiple groups, you will have to do it manually. The feature is still in testing and is implemented on WhatsApp Beta version for Android. It is as of now not known if it will make it to the stable version.

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