ZIFA Appeals Committee on Monday finally broke the silence on Bikita- Tenax case after making its verdict.

In the verdict, the ZIFA Appeals Committee referred the issue back to the Eastern Region Division One league( ERSL)  where both sides are affiliated stating that the league should constitutionally sit and solve the matter.

This came after ZIFA’s Appeals Committee highlighted that the ESRL committee that awarded three points to Bikita was unconstitutionally sat and Tenax’s complaint over the awarding of points to Bikita was unconstitutional.

The ruling referred back the matter back to the Bikita vs Grayham case which advised the ERSL to constitutionally sit and make a verdict.

The case between the two sides started last year when Tenax were crowned champions after finishing on top in the Eastern Region Super League (ERSL),  however, this decision was reversed the following week when Bikita Minerals won their appeal before ZIFA ERSL in which they were awarded three points from their match against Grayham whom they had accused of using an ineligible player when they played each other on the final matchday.

This saw the ERSL confirming Bikita Minerals as champions hence taking over the promotion ticket from Tenax.

Chauya Chikara as Tenax is nicknamed then took the matter before ZIFA at the national level in January.

In response, the national football governing board wrote to ZIFA ERSL nullifying Bikita’s promotion claiming to have taken over the case between the two sides. — NewZimbabwe

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