Kudakwashe “TakeMoney” Chiwandire

The newly-crowned WBC interim super bantam weight champion Kudakwashe “TakeMoney” Chiwandire believes her victory has motivated her and wants to win more titles.

Though she was on the verge of quitting boxing last year, Chiwandire found strength and hope in her recent victory over Zambia’s crowning jewel Catherine Phiri late last month.

“I learnt to be courageous — no matter how many supporters your opponent might have, you must remain firm. In my case, I wasn’t in my country so in terms of supporters and home decision I was already defeated but remaining focused helped me in winning my fight,” said Chiwandire.

“This title means a lot to me because I didn’t expect such results, but I managed to win. The thought of leaving my children back home motivated me a lot because I knew I was working for something.”

At one time, Chiwandire said she thought of quitting boxing due to many challenges including limited sponsorship especially in female boxing..

“I wanted to quit boxing mainly because there are a limited number of sponsors, especially for female boxers. Most of the things you wish to be done are not done on time and this becomes challenging, especially in my case where I have children to look after. Even the management was poor and boxing became a challenge for me considering that I’m the breadwinner of the family,” she said.

“Boxing takes a lot of my time so when I saw that it wasn’t yielding any results I considered quitting so that I could focus on my hair salon because I’m a hairdresser.”

As she takes a break, Chiwandire thanked her manager Clied Musonda, who helped her till she achieved the belt.

“So far, there are no fights lined up but I’ll keep on training and meeting with fellow boxers including those who will challenge this belt. But for now, I will rest a bit because I had been away from home for a long time without my children,” Chiwandire said.

“I’m moving forward with my boxing career and my advice to those contemplating quitting in their various sport codes, they should keep pushing even with the little support they have. One day, the doors will open.”

At the age of 26, Chiwandire has already made history by becoming the first Zimbabwe female boxer to compete in such a prestigious title.

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