Pastor: Mercy Mugadza

Life is a battle.
Awaken the Giant within you.
1 Samuel 17

I hope from the epic battle of David and Goliath, we can learn a lot of spiritual things pertaining to overcoming life with Jesus Christ.
Everyday we are confronted with challenges. Let’s draw out strategies from this story.
Face our challenges head on, pretending there are not there won’t make the situation better. Confront the enemy daily. I pray that you draw out strategies and extrapolate lessons from the epic, inspiring and unforgettable story of David and Goliath.
The lessons are endless to elaborate from this. Have a winning attitude! Here we go.

We have giants walking the earth today, maybe not in the form of Goliath. But in the form of :Big Tech. Big Pharma. Societal Conditioning. Gender agendas…etc….They terrorize us daily with global mandates of vaccines and conditionings.

Let’s dig deeper into the story:

Why was the battle being fought, where were they fighting it from and why. This is so important: choose the battles you fight in life with people and understand why you fight these battles:
David was fighting for a cause: “ is there not a cause” 1Samuel 17:29
Goliath was fighting to oppress
David’s reason to triumph over Goliath “That all the earth May know that their is a God is Israel “
Samuel 1:17:46

Your victory over battles honors God! Do you know every time you overcome and defeat the enemy, God is honored.

Goliath was fighting to oppress people.The giants of today want to oppress people, make profits out of human beings.They want our bodies to serve them… Real Modern Goliaths: He wanted to win and have people serve him. 1st Samuel 17.9
Why do you want to win in life. So you oppress people or Your motivation to win is for the glory of God!
Win in life so that God may be glorified. Win for Jesus. Be a winner, so that other people will know Jesus.

We wrestle 
Ephesians 6:12
We are in a combat! Meaning their is a spiritual fighting between armed forces. The Bible tells us for we Wrestle not against flesh and blood. Meaning make no mistake about it, we are in a conflict, we wrestle….we fight… we have an opposer. We are in a struggle..a wrestling match….
From the day of creation man was in a war……a declared battle.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness’s.
The admission of wrestling is apparent.

Imagine one man holds an entire army and land captive. One man… Sometimes it’s only one person in a group that has a territorial principality. The principality will torment the whole region. Goliath sent paralysis throughout the entire army of Israel.

Typically this type of fighting involves weapons:
Our weapons are not Carnal but mighty….
Meaning our weapons have extremely powerful ammunition (mighty)you are potent!
You are dangerous! You are an armed soldier …the enemies knows the ability of your weaponry fire. You are exceedingly fearsome to the enemy and he knows it.
Our weaponry is mighty: Superior strength. You are a mighty ruler….this is why you fight against rulers and principalities of darkness . Your opponent is a revealer of your capacity.
Stop acting weak, stop acting powerless, take up your weapons and fight. With Jesus you are able, powerful. You are an enlisted soldier in his army. Front line battalion commanders! Confront and charge.

You are formidable force in Jesus Christ.

Not ignorant of the devices of our enemy
Twice a day for forty days Goliath tormented his victims.
The enemy is relentless. The enemy is persistent with his infliction on Israel. Continued, relentless torture. It was a systematic agenda to demoralize, to weaken faith. If the devil can demoralize you and weaken your faith, he has won the battle without fighting. And it seemed Goliath had done just that. When they heard him screaming, they lost their faith.

Stop listening or entertaining negative speech towards you. Stop listening to Goliaths voice on Tv or radio.

Don’t agree with the fear he imposes. Everyone agreed with Goliaths voice of fear. Because at some point in their lives they had muttered words or thoughts of uselessness and fear. Your personal dialogue, the conversation you have about yourself and with yourself should change.
Jesus say : My sheep they hear my voice. Hear Jesus always. Goliaths voice was so loud. Be careful about the words you speak to yourself when no one hears, They damage you consciousness if they are negative. Speak internal words of positiveness. Goliath only amplified what was inside the Israelite armies. Philippians 4:8
Sometimes when you hear something long enough it gets ingrained in you. Rid yourself of the tormenting words of the enemy.

God is our protector
Goliath had impressive heavy man made weapons on him,
David had no visible shield.
He later wrote the Lord is my strength and shield in Psalm
He had experienced the protection of God that day! Hallelujah! God is our protector. God will protect you.

Don’t be surprised by enemy attacks. Psychology of battles
Surprise happens to be the devils biggest tactical strategy. Surprise remains the terrorists’ most potent weapon. Goliath was a surprise to the Israelites. Don’t be surprised by the enemies trickeries. The Israelites were surprised by the change in war tactic. They expected to fight a normal way, with normal sized men, but Goliath showed up as the surprise element. The devil surprise attacks us…….Don’t be surprised by him. Because we are surprised by it, we react and make many crucial mistakes in response. Or we become totally paralyzed and fixated by the surprise. The Israelite army was in total surprise shock by Goliath and his tormenting threats. In a battle catching your enemy by surprise is an advantage.

Surprise attacks in history : During 9/11 Americans were caught by surprise by terrorist as two planes simultaneously plunged into the highest building : trade Centre,
In 1948 the Americans again in battle with Japan were caught by surprise by Pearl harbour attack by the Japanese army bombers, they were still sleeping, when the Japanese attacked them.

In retaliation the Americans years later dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing thousands of people and wiping the whole city out,

Don’t be caught by surprise. Be prepared.

Surprise him back. David was a surprise to Goliath.
Reverse the psychology.

The mis projections of family
David’s family thought he was a hopeless failure.
You are not a hopeless failure! They thought he was a mis fit. You are not a misfit..
His family did not understand the calling upon his life..
His father thought David only good enough to take packed lunch to his brother. Yet he was the most able soldier in history. Yet his own biological father did not see or know it.
His brothers also thought nothing of David. Except a lowly shepherds and troublemaker. Yet David had Kingship upon his destiny.

Misjudged and Mis characterized by your own family. Don’t let it get to you. The family misdirected David’s character. Refuse to mis directed by peoples false projections of you. You are not what they say about you. Build something out of your life, according to Gods pattern and destiny over you. Refuse and cancel those limitations put on you by family members.

The leverage of pain
A lever is a device, we utilize in order to lift move or push a tremendous burden that we could not otherwise manage on our own strength. Leverage is a physics crucial point and transfer of power. If you want to free yourself from wrong behavior burdens and create a new change, you need a leverage. Transference of the pain. In science they call it neuro associative conditioning. Meaning from childhood you have been conditioned to think a certain way. Break free in Jesus name.

Jesus says come unto me all who are heavily laden and I will give you rest. Mathew 11:28

David was burdened by the pain of his family rejection and treatment. The labels and wrong identification they stuck to him. Use that pain, Give it to Jesus. Take his yoke(leverage advantage)

The reason many of us seem to be walking contradictions is the mis identity and projections of family mis
characterization of us. How could his family not see that in David was : A poet, A musician, A soldier, A king, A priest..A statesman… A man after Gods heart. What has your family told you about you that is not true. What has your family failed to see in you?

David even asked his brother” what have I done again” meaning there had conditioned him to think he was a trouble maker.

David Pushed against that pain and conditioning. Your pain in Jesus hands is a powerful lever! A powerful force.

Power Exchanges when we fight battles
Fighting that battle was a power exchange, Saul should have fought his own battle as King and head of the military. Don’t let people fight your battles. Every battle you fight for others power exchanges hands. This is why we should never run away from our battles in life. Saul abdicated his crown spiritually when he let David fight instead of him. Saul was faint hearted, fearful and cowardice. A leadership role he did not fight for or earn.

Saul was a bad leader, he should have encouraged his army with words of faith and encouragement. Did he not know that nothing is too hard for God!

The theme of youth is mentioned a lot. The youth of David… The nation’s deliverance is in the hands of youth. Youth are un afraid. David heard the same torment of Goliath. But his faith had been prepared by God, through previous encounters with danger. The lion and the bear.

Awakening the Giant within
The Giant within David was bigger than the Giant of Goliath.
Greater is he who is I me than he who is the world. 1John 4:4
Greater means just that: Jesus is greater in size and power!

Jesus is omnipotent
The Giant within David had to manifest his power of greatness.
When David had killed a bear, the Giant within him was woken.
When David had killed a Lion, the Giant within him had stirred.
Goliath did not know David was a spiritual Giant.

There is a giant within you awaken it.
There is a giant with in you, stir it up….2 Timothy 1:6-7: Paul reminds young Timothy:”Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you. Stir up that Giant in you!
Your battles determine your spiritual height.
Big battles, big people.
Wake up Christians, there is a greater Giant within you! Jesus Christ.

….Rely on God….
It was David who later said and wrote:
Psalms 20:7

7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
Who do you rely on in battles and crisis?
David relied on God. “The Lord of hosts”
Meanwhile Goliath relied on his outward appearance and stature.
The arm of the flesh. Goliath relied on: The helmet of brass upon his head, the heavy weight coat, the spearhead weight six hundred Shekels.1 Samuel 17:5~7
Your victory does not come from the arm of the flesh. Your victory is on relying on Christ.
Depend on God.
Count on God.

Giants do fall
Not by might, not by power, but by the spirit of the Lord. Zechariah 4:1
Knocking down your enemies. Nothing can withstand the power of God. Giants do fall. Whatever obstacles or hurdles in your life can fall down. The mighty power of God defeated Goliath. He fell face down. David then cut his head off with Goliaths own sword. The sword that weighed so much was feather light in David’s hands.

The five smooth stones
Belief : change your core belief system
Habits /character/ attitudes.

David picked up five refined smooth stones.

The dogs 
Goliath screamed at David…. Do you think I am a dog that you come to me with a starve and sticks. 1 Samuel 17:43
David looked like the underdog, yet he was the top dog. You are not an underdog. It may look to people like you have nothing, no reputation, no career, but you are a top dog. Never base your value on outside appearances. A top dog is a winner, a champion.

The unseen dimension
1 Samuel 17:45 But David said to the Philistine:
1 Samuel 17:45

45 David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied

If something is obvious it does not need faith.
If something is obvious it does not need God.
If something is obvious it will not require you to call on the Lord of the host.
David called on God because it was not obvious to the natural eye, that he would prevail and win.
The Unseen realm of heavenly hosts fighting for us,
The battle belongs to God. Elijah and his servant prayed that God would open his eyes to see the unseen realm of help. 2Kings 6:17 The spiritual versus the physical.

Comparison is not Godly
Never compare yourself with others….
On that day the Israelites men in-the army must have secretly wished they were taller and bigger. We envy what other people have. Big houses, big cars and wish it was us. Goliath was a spirit of evil. His size was because of the corrupted flesh of fallen angels and humans. Don’t envy others. You don’t know where the spirit of their max sized life is coming from. Goliath was a symbol of evil gods, don’t compare your size in life to others. Focus on your own abilities and progress. The battlefields are in the mind. Don’t be fooled.

Deal with giants of doubt, low self esteem, anxiety, fear within you first. Slay those first before you can slay the outside giant.

You are bigger than Goliath! You are more fearsome than Goliath because of the blood of Jesus. You battles will not be fought sitting on a bench. Get up, use what you have.
Goliath was not just unusual big, he was a physical representation of principality over the region. Don’t just look at unusual things that attack you, and think it’s normal. There was nothing normal about Goliath. The origins of Goliath are not normal. As Christians we tend to normalize unusual demonic attacks.

Appearance is not reality
It appeared David was alone
It appeared David would loose.
David appeared like he was unassisted, unqualified, unequipped
It appeared Goliath had no threat.
Goliath appeared to be unconquerable.
It appeared Goliath would be the winner,
Appearance is not reality. It may appear you are not successful, It may appear you are the a winner. But know that appearances is not reality. Our reality is in Jesus. Things are not always what they seem. Whatever situation appears, whatever circumstances appears..Don’t base judgement on the outward appearance of something. You will be lost.
1 Samuel: 16:7 …for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.
God will assist you! God will equip you! God will qualify you!

Your disadvantage can become your advantage
David’s disadvantage became his advantage in Gods hands.
Goliaths advantage became his disadvantage.
Where is your trust based? In the arm of the flesh?
Stop looking at your disadvantages in life. May your disadvantage become your advantage.May your disappointment become your reappointment. In Jesus name.

Return of the gods
The Philistines had their own gods that Goliath used to curse David.
The return of the gods in these days is here. Many of these false gods are arising again. In more modern forms. The philistine gods are back in our society again. ….. and he cursed him by his gods… 1 Samuel 17:43 The rate of things these days is so fast… don’t be fooled…there are evil gods behind it.
Who will fight the giants of the land? The giants of our time. May the David’s arise! Slay the giants.

Be of good courage…Courage is what you earn when you have already been through tough times and you discover you were never alone, and that they aren’t so tough after all. 2 Samuel10:12 We need men with courage now.

You are never alone … through the battle we see the signature of God. Mighty man of war.
Jehovah Sabbaoth: The Lord of hosts, the mighty warrior. The one who control the visible and invisible armies of Angelic hosts. Jesus was crucified in Golgotha, the place of the Skull of Goliath: redemption from the gods of the Philistine have been defeated.

Pastor Merci Mugadza is an interdenominational preacher and biblical teacher. Having returned to Zimbabwe from Australia. She lives in Mutare where she preaches predominantly. She is also an ambassador and patron for a disabled Children orphanage that she supports . She endeavors to make us take an in-depth personal look at the Bible. The greatest self development book ever written! She also heads a woman’s organization.TOFW Zimbabwe. She also preaches to woman in Prison! She loves the word of God and believes in its power to transform and bring awareness !. She can be contacted on  +27765508210

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