Nelson Chamisa

THE United Kingdom parliament has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to bring Zanu PF activists accused of killing Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporter Mboneni Ncube to justice.

Ncube was allegedly killed by Zanu PF thugs at a rally in Mbizo, Kwekwe two weeks ago.

Fielding questions in the house of the lords Tuesday, Commonwealth minister Earl of Courtown said the UK remained concerned about the political situation in Zimbabwe.

He was responding to a question by spokesperson on Climate Emergency and Energy Co-Chair All-Party Parliamentary Group for Zimbabwe Lord Oates .

“Is the Minister aware that, at a ZANU-PF rally on 26 February, Vice President Chiwenga said to the opposition CCC, ‘you see how we crush lice… You put it in a flat stone then flatten it to the extent that even flies will not make a meal out of it. That is what we are going to do to CCC’.

“The following day, a CCC rally was attacked with iron bars, machetes and spears. One opposition supporter was killed and many more were hospitalised.

“Will the government condemn the Vice President’s violent incitement and work with the international community to hold the Zimbabwean government accountable for the safety and security of all Zimbabweans, who should have the right to freely elect their leaders without fear of violence or intimidation?”

In response the minister Courtown urged the government to end political violence against opposition parties.

“We urge the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s  of to ensure all political parties are allowed to operate and campaign without harassment.

“As our ambassador publicly stated after the death of the CCC supporter at a rally on the 27th of February , we urge the police to fully investigate any acts of political violence and bring the perpetrators to justice,” Courtown said.

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