Douglas Mwonzora


MDC-T President Douglas Mwonzora has recalled his erstwhile deputy Thokozani Khupe and her ally Nomvula Mguni for “pretending to be mad” after they purportedly formed a political party with the same identity.

Hwange legislator Daniel Molokele has also been recalled for siding with the newly formed Citizens’ Coalition for Change party.

Their recall has been communicated to the clerk of Parliament with announcements set to be made on February 15 when House sittings resume.

Khupe announced her leadership of MDC-T soon after Mwonzora made public his decision to use the MDC Alliance name at March 26’s by-elections.

She argued that he was now in charge of two parties and hence had fired herself from the MDC-T whose constitution barred the same.

Mwonzora confirmed the recalls but directed all questions to party spokesperson Witness Dube.

Dube said Khupe and Mguni had displayed a certain level of madness by forming a party of their own when their leadership had decided to use a separate vehicle at the next elections.

He did not explain reasons behind Molokele’s recalls who had not yet been made aware of his expulsion.

“We have recalled Thokozani Khupe, Nomvula Mguni and Daniel Molokele,” said Dube.

“Khupe and Mguni have been recalled because they are calling themselves the MDC-T something which is not within our party and They have been recalled for pretending to be mad by forming another political party on their own.”

Khupe has already been served and on Wednesday told reporters her letter had been sent via FedEx by parliament.

She told reporters she was being suffocated and could no longer breath.

“To my surprise on the 26th of January 2022, I received a letter from the Speaker of Parliament through a courier, FedEx which was delivered to my house in Bulawayo together with my colleague Nomvula Mguni to the effect that we had been recalled and we were no longer Members of Parliament,” said Khupe.

“I have never heard in the history of Parliament a member being recalled through a letter sent to their home by FedEx at a time when Parliament is not in session.

“Parliament will be resuming in a fortnight and you shudder to think why the Speaker of Parliament was in such a hurry to recall me by a letter he wrote whilst sitting in his office and sending it through FedEx.

“That is unprocedural. My understanding of Parliamentary operations, is that the Speaker derives his powers from the mace when he is sitting on his chair in the House of Assembly and in the presence of seating Members of Parliament because the mace is the symbol of authority of the House and the Speaker. Without the mace the House cannot sit and pass laws.”

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