MDC-T faction leader Thokozani Khupe has accused Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambia of colluding with Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda to victimise and discriminate against her.

She also accused the two of siding with erstwhile colleague Douglas Mwonzora.

The two a feuding over the leadershi pf the MDC-T, which resulted in the party splitting but maintaining the same name.

Mwonzora’s camp received ZW$149 850 000 from government coffers under political parties’ act funds while Khupe got nothing.

Khupe claims that she wrote to the speaker of parliament asking for fair treatment of the two formations.

“The speaker in his wisdom disregarded that and decided to take sides with another man. As a woman, I strongly feel victimised and discriminated against at the highest level,” she told a press conference in Harare Wednesday.

“As if that was not enough, the minister of Justice equally decided that the political parties grant will go to Mwonzora. Again, l wonder where he derives his powers from to decide on which formation is legitimate as l also wrote a letter to him advising him on the new developments in the party and pleaded with him to treat both formations in a fair and just manner,” she whined.

“When it was Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti the money was divided into two but this time around because it is Thokozani Khupe, a woman and Mwonzora, a man, the minister wants the full amount to go to Mwonzora. Surely what can one call this other than seeing it as an unjustified inequality and an unfair practice,” Khupe said.

Khupe also said she has written to the United Nations, Inter Parliamentary Union, Pan-African Parliament and African Union Commission on Women so that they see the amount of victimisation and discrimination against women by the executive and legislature.

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