File pic: Former Zimbabwe's Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, Saviour Kasukuwere address a news conference in Harare

EXILED Saviour Kasukuwere has urged the courts and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) not to interfere with his fight against President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule whether the appeal by Kasukuwere challenging a High Court ruling disqualifying him from contesting the August 23 election should be heard urgently.

The former Zanu PF commissar recently accused Mnangagwa of using the judicial system to fight “personal battles” emanating from factional fights that rocked Zanu PF in 2017 leading to a military coup.

In an interview with ZLG this week, Kasukuwere said the courts should be fair on his appeal.

‘’Can this ZEC and the courts be fair? Leave us to finish this, the two of us. Do not worry about the rest. Just me and my brother is all I need in the ring.

“I need ED in the ring, Tyson versus ED. The Crocodile versus Ty. Let us finish it. I do not know why people are getting confused. Do not get entangled. Me and him (Mnangagwa), we have come a long way. Let the country move forward,’’ Kasukuwere said.

Kasukuwere’s challenger and ruling party activist Lovedale Mangwana wants the appeal heard as a matter of urgency.

ZEC has also been roped into the matter, as it is supporting Mangwana’s application for an urgent ruling arguing ballot papers need to be printed soon. — NewZimbabwe

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