BINGA residents and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) have clashed over a $4 million water bill which the water authority claims accumulated over the years, while the Binga Town Council maintains that it only owes $1 million.

Zinwa disconnected water supplies to the Emasotsheni area in January citing arrears of $4 million which is yet to be paid.

Emasotsheni residents deputy chairperson Richard Muleya said there was confusion over the bill.

“We still do not have water since January. We agreed at a recent meeting to pay $200 000 so that water is reconnected. The other section under Garikai has been reconnected despite them having a debt,” Muleya said.

“We then requested to be shown our balance by council and it was $1,2 million.  However, when the water was disconnected the balance was said to be $4 million. As residents we are now confused as to how much we owe.”

Muleya said it was agreed that by March 1, Zinwa must re-connect the water supplies to residents.

Zinwa spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga said she was unable to immediately respond to the issue.

Meanwhile, the affected Binga residents are risking crocodile and hippopotamus attacks while fetching water from Lake Kariba, which is 5km away after their taps went dry.

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