PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is a military state and will not allow Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa to become president.


He said his government was prepared to deal decisively with opponents.


He was addressing a crowd that had gathered to commemorate the national youth day in Harare Monday.


His statements come after Chamisa, addressing a bumper crowd at his maiden rally as CCC leader on Sunday, declared he was going to be president of Zimbabwe after the 2023 elections.

Chamisa also said he was prepared to lead his troops on the streets if Mnangagwa rigs the elections, statements which the Zanu PF leader read as threats of violence.


Mnangagwa also slammed Chamisa for averring that white people will flock to the country with investment money within a week of his presidency.


“I got so troubled when I heard Chamisa saying that if he becomes president of this country, in five days whites will be back here,” Mnangagwa said


“Zimbabwe will be developed by its citizens just like any other nation. Now Chamisa wants development to come from the West. Shame on you. Ndakashaya kuti zvino nhai veduwe kana mai vacho vanoti ndakaberekei. Chamisa said that there will be violence if he loses elections next year, we are prepared,” Mnangagwa warned.


Without mincing his words, Mnangagwa declared Zimbabwe a military state.


“Although we come from different provinces, let us forever be mindful that we are a diverse people but one nation. There is no room for hate speech or divisive language. Zimbabwe is a military state. Those who dream of dividing this country ngavamuke vabike doro nekuti mudzimu yavarasha,” he said.


“On your part I urge you to reject those who want to make our country puppets of other jurisdictions and guard the independence of our great country while the young people of yesteryear used the gun to bring about independence and sovereignty, today you only must use your vote to defend our great county.”


Zimbabwe is in electoral full gear as parties campaign for the upcoming by-elections and crunch 2023 harmonised elections that will pit Mnangagwa against Chamisa.

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