THE Kwekwe messenger of court has attached a truck belonging to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) over a US$5 800 debt for transformers supplied by Techmate Engineering.

Presiding over the matter, Kwekwe magistrate Mildred Maturi ordered the power utility to supply energy units equivalent to the current value of a 200KV 11/04 to Techmate Engineering’s Ivanhoe 7 Mine within seven days, or alternatively to pay US$5 800, which is the value of the transformers that the company supplied to ZETDC, a subsidiary of Zesa Holdings.

The terms of the agreement were that Techmate Engineering would supply the transformers to ZETDC in return for energy units of the same value.

Techmate Engineering decided to take the legal route after ZETDC failed to honour its mandate.

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