CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivayo and Sonja Madzikanda are divorcing after seven years of marriage.

This development coincides with reports that Wicknell is allegedly in a relationship with South African influencer Mihlali Ndamase – claims he has since dismissed.

In an Instagram post, Madzikanda said Wicknell was free to do as he pleases since they are no longer together.

“I do also want to come here and say clearly that you guys just need to let Wicknell be and like back off him a little bit. He’s a single guy. He has been a single guy for a while. Myself and Wicknell are no longer together and we have not been together for a while.

“She also said the two intended to make their divorce public in May however had to announce it earlier after many people called her showing concern over the cheating rumours.

“It is going to be made official, I think we were going to be more official and direct about it on the 1st of May.

“There are few things that we are still ironing out and are probably going to be going back and forth about but those people who know know.

“All I can say is he can do whatever he likes with whoever he wants. He is allowed to do that as a single guy and I am also single. Single in that, I am sure he has lots of other people, but he is single in that he is not married to me,” she said.

The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 2017 and a bride price of US$50k was reportedly paid.

Their marriage has been nothing short of drama with messy fights on social media. — NewZimbabwe

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