A Glen Norah 1 High School science teacher has quit his job after his alleged love affair with a Form 4 pupil was exposed.

The Form 4 girl was caught texting the teacher, Gladwin Parawira, but he denied the two were dating. Said Parawira:


I never had an affair with that girl. I admit that we used to flirt and it is very unfortunate that the messages were caught after I stopped flirting with her.

I immediately stopped talking to this girl when I heard that she was telling some of the students that we were dating.

She began stalking me on Facebook, asking me who is who on my posts, but I ignored her since I knew she was troubled.


Parawira told H-Metro that he had decided to resign because the messages he used to send to the pupil were too explicit. He said:


I decided to resign from my job because the messages were nasty, and according to the law, I must not even say goodnight to a student, what more of the messages I sent her?

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