THE Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) on Wednesday handed over a piped water scheme to the Gudomutovhoti community in Mwenezi district.

Speaking at the ceremony on behalf of Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution minister Ezra Chadzamira, deputy director Infrastructure Planning and Environmental Management Clorence Matewe said the Zero Hunger project was aimed at ensuring easy access to water.

“Mwenezi district’s arid conditions and erratic rainfall have long posed challenges in accessing water, but we are grateful that the Gudomutovhoti Piped Water Scheme will help toresolve these water issues,” Chadzamira said.

The pipeline network spans 2km and includes additional infrastructure such as a cattle trough, pump house, guard house and three taps at each standpipe.

ZRCS president Edson Mlambo said the intervention would reduce the distance travelled to access water.

“In addition to households accessing clean potable water closer to their homes, livestock will have access to enough drinking water, reducing the need to travel long distances to nearby dams,” he said.

“The nutrition garden established as part of the scheme will improve household nutrition by providing a sustainable source of vegetables and legumes.”

Elias Hwenga, ZRCS secretary-general, said the project was initiated in response to severe hunger and critical water challenges faced by the community.

“The project anchored on three pillars — food security and livelihoods, health and nutrition as well as water, sanitation and hygiene — focused on three wards, targeting 850 households and provides immediate relief while tackling the root causes of food insecurity, aligning with government plans and frameworks to enhance community resilience,” he said.

Under the project, 850 households as well as malnourished children in food insecure households received cash and vouchers and aid from local health workers, with a focus on acute malnutrition support.

The water, sanitation and hygiene intervention include the rehabilitation of 15 boreholes in three wards. — NewsDay

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