A Self-styled prophet has landed himself in trouble after luring a teenage girl by making a false death prophecy of her mother before allegedly raping her.

The incident happened Tuesday in Chitungwiza.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the matter in a Twitter post.

“The ZRP is investigating a case of rape in which a Chitungwiza juvenile (16) fell victim to a self-styled prophet on 01/02/2022 at an open space along Tilco Road near Sangos Shops, Zengeza 3,” police said.

“The suspect approached the victim whilst walking along Tilco Road and gave her a false prophecy that her mother was going to collapse and die. The girl believed the prophecy and was told to bring her two undergarments so that a ritual could be performed to reverse the imminent death of her mother. The suspect later raped the victim after she returned with the undergarments.”

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