ZANU PF Rushinga legislator Tendai Nyabani says police must arrest irresponsible citizens abusing alcohol and other substances in public spaces.  Nyabani was contributing to the Question and Answer session in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

“What is government policy with regards to the sale of alcohol everywhere in the community?  People are now drinking publicly.  Has the law changed with regards to the drinking and sale of alcohol?  Are the police no longer arresting the offenders?” Nyabani said.

Leader of Government Business in Parliament and Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, told the house that the law was still in existence but the issue would be further investigated by the responsible ministry.

“The law has not changed and it does not allow public drinking.  We are going to investigate those areas where public drinking is taking place because that is not lawful,” Ziyambi responded.

However, the MP further questioned, “this issue does not require any investigation.  People should just be arrested.  Investigating will take time because alcohol is being sold and people are drinking everywhere. How long will it take for you to give us feedback that you have investigated?”

Home Affairs deputy minister Chido Sanyatwe told the Deputy Speaker that her ministry was introducing an ‘Operation’ that will investigate the areas where public drinking is taking place.  Ziyambi also brought in the December holiday where some children from Mbare were seen drinking alcohol publicly.

“The Government has come up with a Cabinet Committee which is chaired by the Minister of Defence, Hon. Muchinguri and we are investigating such issues so that we come up with one plan which can rectify the challenges.

“If you look closely, you will find that in the past, those who issue liquor licences are not the Home Affairs Ministry but their mandate is just to ensure compliance.

The Local Government ministry is the one that issues licences and it has already conscientised people to put their houses in order so that when compliance is being enforced, they will not cry foul.”

Ziyambi urged MPs to work with the committee that was put in place by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa to deal with drug and substance abuse scourge.

“It is for all of us to come up with ideas on how we can move forward so that the nation is not destroyed.  If there are others here with ideas, please put them across so that we can rectify the issue and we can all live in harmony,” added Ziyambi. — NewZimbabwe

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