ZANU PF thugs that attacked CCC supporters at Kwekwe rally on Saturday have been caught hiding at Former State Minister Owen Mudha Ncube’s house.


The team was given base at Jersey Gardens owned by Mudha, as their launching base.


Tapiwa Muganhu is the leader of a terror group targeting CCC members in Mbizo Kwekwe.


Writing on social media, Hopewell Chin’ono said, :ED Mnangagwa fired his security Minister Owen “Mudha” Ncube bcoz he took a Kombi with violent thugs with machetes to a ZANUPF meeting in Gweru.


“The thugs that killed and injured @CCCZimbabwesupporters were caught hiding at Mudha’s lodge yesterday. They terrorize with impunity!


The accused Zanu-PF members are, Edmore Shoshera (30), Albert Maketo Tembo (29), Sydney Samanyai (29) and Percy Mukwaturi (38).

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