The National Social Security Authority (NSSA is facing a US$7,4 million lawsuit by technology vendor over unpaid license fees, it has emerged.

Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) accuses NSSA  of hitting it with a pre-emptive US$10,4 million suit last year to avoid paying for a software system.

In its 2021 lawsuit, NSSA claimed that the old, SAP-backed information technology backbone or platform was not working after years of using it.

TTCS in High Court summons dated February 23 said it wanted NSSA to  pay US$831 000  “which is due and owing in respect of annual l maintenance fees on an agreed number of software licenses  supplied to the defendant by the plaintiff at the defendant’s  behest.”

It also demanded payment of US$5 066 984 “for being fees  due  and owing for the software licenses utilised by defendant  in excesss and without consent of the plaintiff.”

TTCS also wants NSSA to pay US$1 470 122 for maintainance and license fees for the period between  October 2016 to September 2017  and the period  October 2017 to December 2017.

It wants the ammounts to be paid with a 5% interest per annum from the “ the date of breach to the date of payment in full.”

NSSA was given 10 days to respond to the summons.

Last year NSSA  issued summons against  TTCs seeking a refund of all the money it paid for the implementation of Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) that said failed to work for it.

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