THE Federation of Zimbabwe Educators Union (FOZEU) Tuesday says its members are incapacitated to report for duty when schools reopen next Monday because their meagre salaries have been eroded.

Having met on Tuesday, teachers’ unions falling under the umbrella platform decided that educators will not report to work on the proposed schools opening date.

“Teachers are heavily incapacitated and will not be able to report for duty on 7 February 2022,” FOZEU said.

FOZEU also urged the government to meet the demands of the teachers by restoring the October 2018 decent salaries and to enhance the capacity of schools to function well under the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Restore the value of teachers’ salaries to pre-October 2018 USD $540. Enhance the capacity of schools to adhere to Covid-19 standard operating procedures,” FOZEU added.

Teachers have also demanded that their children should not pay fees if the teacher is government employed.

“Non-payment of school fees for three children of a teacher in any school where teachers are paid by the government,” said FOZEU.

FOZEU stated that teachers will not report for duty until the government addresses their issue of salary increment and a protest will be staged in a bid to protect the crumbling education system of Zimbabwe.

“Teachers will not report for duty until the above demands are met. 7 February is a National Day of Action for education, an online protest will be staged by all citizens in a bid to protect our education from further collapse,” teachers unions said.

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