There’s been a significant crackdown on illegal immigration in Zimbabwe since January, with authorities deporting hundreds of individuals. The Chief Director at the Department of Immigration, Respect Gono, emphasized the importance of foreigners respecting Zimbabwean laws, even though the country is open for business.

The focus appears to be on promoting safe and regular migration while cracking down on illegal immigration. Nationals from various countries, including Malawi and an unnamed Asian country, have been affected by these measures. Some individuals were found to be engaging in activities like drug trafficking or presenting false claims about their purpose of visit.

In the case of Malawian nationals, it seems they are being repatriated rather than deported due to the close relations between Zimbabwe and Malawi, as both are part of the Southern African Development Community. The Malawian ambassador to Zimbabwe expressed gratitude for the repatriation efforts.

Additionally, even American nationals have been deported for being in the country illegally, indicating a broad enforcement of immigration laws regardless of nationality. This underscores the seriousness with which Zimbabwe is approaching its immigration policies and security concerns.

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