Winnie Zimunya

A TRUCK driver has been accused of threatening his wife with eviction because he longer loves her.

Winnie Zimunya said she has had enough of her husband, Learnmore Machakaire’s insults.

She applied for a protection order against him, citing physical and verbal abuse.

However, presiding magistrate Rutendo Machingura dismissed the order for lack of merit.

During the court hearing, Zimunya said:

“I want him to stop beating me up at night and insulting me.

“He is a truck driver and he insults me over the phone when he is away threatening me with eviction.

“I now sleep in the dining room, where all my things have been put, including my wardrobe.

“On Saturday, I had to sleep at the White House Police Station after being chased away.”

In his defence, Machakaire said:

“I have never abused her, she is lying, Your Worship.

“I told her I don’t love her anymore and I want her to move out of my house.

“I received a report from my neighbour that my wife was being unfaithful so I set a trap when I gave her my phone which recorded all the calls she made to her lovers.

“I suggested that we separate, but she refuses even though I have notified her relatives.”

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