A BULAWAYO man is in shock after his ex-wife teamed up with relatives to demand US$3 000 from him, as compensation for dumping her after having sex with her for the seven years they lived as a couple.

“I want US$3 000 for having sex with you for seven years and bearing three children for you which was a difficult task to shoulder and after all that you have divorced me,” Sikhanyisiwe Tambo from Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb has reportedly told Fanyana Sithole.

Sithole claims he is between a rock and a hard place because his temperamental former wife is bitter that he dumped her.
He says the vengeful woman confronts him at his home and sometimes punches and throttles him in the presence of their children. She hurls a volley of insults at him calling him names.

Tambo feels she was used as a sex slave by her former husband whom she shares children with and her relatives are not happy with that.
As such, according to Sithole, they are demanding US $3000 as compensation for using and dumping their daughter.

Sithole told a court that he is in despair after bearing the brunt of being bashed, insulted.
He said before the divorce, Tambo used to lock him outside his house.

Sithole has applied for a peace order at Western Commonage magistrates courts.
“I’m applying for a peace order against my former wife Sikhanyisiwe Tambo. After I divorced her, she moved out to stay alone. But she confronts me at my home to assault me. At one of the occasions she attacked me with an iron bar leaving me bleeding on the ground and gasping for breath.

“She has teamed up with her relatives and they are demanding US$3000 as compensation arguing that I used her and dumped her after she conceived children for me,” said Sithole.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Sithole a peace order. Tambo was prevented from going to her former husband’s house. She was also ordered not to insult him and bash him. — BMetro

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