Paul Madzore

POLITICIAN cum musician Paul Madzore who is affiliated to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party seeks to stop MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora from playing his music at his party gatherings.

Most of Madzore’s political songs were composed when members of the CCC party were still affiliated to the MDC.

After CCC leader Nelson Chamisa formed a new party, Madzore affiliated himself to Chamisa.

Madzore’s music is very popular at opposition parties.

During the on-going political party campaigns to drum up support for the 2023 general elections and March 26 by-elections, Madzore’s music has been played by the MDCs and the CCC parties.

Ironically, the CCC party claims to be a new baby but still uses the old music.

Madzore told the NewsDay that he does not believe in Mwonzora and his party, adding that they should respect his music and stop provoking the CCC party through his music.

“If I had the means to stop Mwonzora from playing my music, I would simply go and switch off their PA system,” Madzore said.

“I create my music for the people of Zimbabwe who are suffering in their own land because of Zanu PF rule. One thing that is very clear is that I do not support Mwonzora, a person who recalled people that were elected.  He must respect me and my art. It’s a way of robbing supporters, but people are not stupid they know where I belong,” he added.

Mwonzora spokesperson Witness Dube could not comment on the matter until the time of publishing.

But CCC national deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba said due to the dwindling of property rights in the country, Mwonzora and Zanu PF have taken everything including the music.

Siziba said Madzore remains a strong member of CCC.

“They can claim ownership of the music but Madzore is an organic member of the CCC party led by Nelson Chamisa. For that reason they can use whatever they want, but Madzore has already started creating new music for the CCC party,” Siziba said said.

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