VILLAGERS in Matobo, Matabeleland South province have expressed concern over delays in the installation of a new chief to replace Chief Leonard Mathe who died seven years ago.

The lack of a traditional leader had spiked criminal activities in the area, they said.

Ward 9 councillor Bekezela Moyo said the succession had taken too long.

“We need a new chief to take over where the late chief left. Now people are fighting over land, burning homes and killing animals. The matter is really out of hand because the area has no proper leadership,” Moyo said.

“We have individuals in areas like Magalani village who are allegedly selling land and community property. Our livestock are now losing their grazing land because of corrupt people,” he added.

Matobo district development co-ordinator Obey Chaputsira confirmed the matter saying that family disputes had delayed the appointment of a new chief.

“There have been a lot of processes within the Mathe family. The family is normally given two years to mourn their loved one before a new chief is appointed and in this case, the process has been delayed,” he said.

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