SELF-APPOINTED MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe has revealed that her party would soon announce the formation an alliance with other political parties as the country heads for the 2023 plebiscite.

This was revealed by her spokesperson Ntando Ndlovu who told NewsDay that it was high time opposition political parties spoke with one voice in demanding electoral reforms.

He also said that his party was running a campaign under the theme #Beat the Pot; No Vote for Mwonzora; No Vote for Zanu PF in various wards where by-elections would be held throughout the country.

Last month, Khupe announced that she was breaking away from the MDC Alliance after Mwonzora announced that he was its leader and she declared herself the MDC-T leader.

“We deliberately did not field candidates in the upcoming by-elections because we took a principled position not to split the opposition votes.

“We are currently running a campaign which we launched a week ago under the theme #Beat the pot; No Vote for Mwonzora; No Vote for Zanu PF.

“The president of the party,  Khupe will soon make an announcement on who we are urging MDC-T supporters to vote for in the by-elections because the party is conscious that a complete boycott of the polls will give advantage to Zanu PF,’’ Ndlovu said.

Efforts to get a comment from Mwonzora’s spokesperson Llyod Damba were fruitless yesterday.

Meanwhile, Ndlovu also said the electoral playing field was not level as there was unequal access to State media.

“In some areas, we have witnessed police officers disrupting opposition activities and there is this worrying claim that Zec is clandestinely moving voters to different polling stations. We urge all the political parties to speak with one voice in demanding electoral reforms. In particular, we are urging the regional bloc, Southern Africa Development Community, to work with Zimbabwean political actors in guaranteeing a free and fair 2023 election.”

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