THE Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) has called on the media to provide balanced coverage to all political parties, ensuring a free and fair election.

Speaking to local news editors in an engagement organised by Zimbabwe National Editors Forum (ZINEF), ZMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Godwin Phiri said as watchdogs, media is expected to give fair reports without any allegiance to political parties.

The meeting was aimed at briefing editors on the laws, policies and regulations governing the media during the upcoming polls.

“In the last election report there was reference to obliterating some political players, they were not even there in our media, it was just Zanu PF and MDC,” said Phiri.

“Players should be awarded fair and balanced coverage then we let citizens choose their preferred candidates”.

Media in Zimbabwe stands accused of affiliating with political parties.

While state controlled media gives a positive coverage to the ruling Zanu PF, private media has been accused of affiliating with opposition parties; this, Phiri said, affected the choice of readers.

Rights lobby groups have predicted a bloody plebiscite and journalists’ organisations have raised concerns over reporters’ safety.

Phiri urged media houses to fund journalists’ work as lack of resources exposed them to brown envelopes and unsafe working conditions.

Added Phiri: “Media houses also have a responsibility to protect journalists, incidences where they travel in candidates cars compromises their safety and the sector ”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Wednesday proclaimed August 23 as the general elections date. — NewZimbabwe

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