PLUMTREE Hospital workers have expressed concern over the safety of expecting mothers at the institution.

A senior employee at the health institution, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the situation was getting dire for pregnant women as maternity ward floors were not being cleaned which could lead to a health disaster.

“There is an increased risk of infection because normally after every delivery, there is supposed to be mopping of floors, because of the blood involved in the delivery process.

“We are supposed to make more deliveries despite the dirty floors. We are having about six deliveries a night without any cleaning done,” said a senior employee at  the hospital.

“Every shift needs a general hand, surprisingly general hands are no longer coming for night shifts. They knock off at 4pm and there will be no cleaning until the next day.”

“This other night duty we delivered around 11pm and the whole night we kept conducting deliveries. The thing is, the blood ends up drying on the floor since there is no one to mop.  It is almost three to four months with this issue going on,” added the employee.

Contacted for comment, district nursing officer, Joe Nganunu declined having received complaints from the hospital.

“I have not received that complaint from anyone, but it is something that I will investigate. I will also ask the matron to look into the issue and if there are any issues then we will try and improve,” Nganunu said.

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