A 13 year old grade 7 pupil gave birth through caesarean section soon after seating for her first examination paper on Monday, forcing school authorities to hastily set up an examination room in a maternity ward for her next paper.

The first of its kind incident  stunned Victoria Falls residents, with some parents hailing school authorities for “not leaving anyone behind” in education.

Sources at the school said that the girl (name withheld for ethical reasons) fell pregnant during the course of the year but  continued attending classes.

” She attended lessons despite her condition. However, when schools opened for the third term she did not attend but continued to study at home. She vowed to write all her papers as she intends to continue to  secondary education,” said the source adding that the school had set up a separate room for her to sit for exams in solitude at the school.

The girl wrote her English Paper with visible  labour pains according to sources privy to developments. After the exam, the girl went home where she was rushed to hospital amidst intensifying birth pangs. According to her mother, a ceasarean birth was the only way possible to save the girl.

” She was in pain. We authorised an operation and she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. Soon after delivery, the girl literally pulled off the theatre garbs and requested for an examination paper for her next subject, to the amazement of health personnel. She said she wants to join others in form one next year despite the mistake she had done,” said her mother.

A health practitioner at Victoria Falls Hospital said  the girl exhibited courage and has a bright future.

“This is strange. The girl was so determined to take her exams and her condition was not going to stand in her way. Kudos to the school staff for letting the child attend classes and going an extra mile to facilitate the  exam in the maternity ward. Both mother and baby are healthy,” he said.

“We set up a makeshift exam room in the hospital ward to help her write her second paper a few hours after labour. As teachers we have also made contributions in cash and kind to help the family buy required items for the girl and her baby. I think it is safe to say we have made history as a primary school,” said one teacher on condition of anonymity.

The Government recently came up with a policy which allows pregnant girls to attend classes and sit for exams. Under the current education policy, the girl child is also allowed to be re-admitted to class after giving birth. — MbareTimes

2 thoughts on “Grade 7 girl delivers baby while writing an exam in maternity room

  1. While the teachers assisted this pregnant girl child? she is a child right?
    Who made her pregnant and what is the way forward for that man or boy?
    This is heartbreaking for us mothers we hear these stories evertime with no closure why should children become young mothers in todays world?

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