A CHITUNGWIZA sangoma, who made headlines for giving a ritual coffin to a teenager, claims her powerful secrets have now been exposed.

Gogo Mamwoyo, whose real name is Letwin Manguwo, told H-Metro the teenager’s sister, who forced her brother to return the ritual coffin, has exposed her ‘powers.’

Gogo Mamwoyo said the coffin was never meant to scare away her clients.

“The returning of that coffin was the first since I began helping people,” said Gogo Mamwoyo.

“It exposed my secrets since such rituals must not be seen by anyone not involved in the rituals.

“Sisi vemukomana uyu vakafumura matare angu ndinovimba kuti vanonamata pachokwadi,” she said.

A number of people had no kind words for Gogo Mamwoyo, with some even describing her as a ‘fake sangoma,’ who was using coffins to deceive her clients.

“I do not use coffins to frighten my clients but I inherited all the things I do from the spirits which possessed me.

“People, who want to get rich fast, are the ones I give these ritual coffins,” she said.

Gogo Mamwoyo rents a house where she conducts her business in Unit G Extension in Chitungwiza.

She stays in Unit P.

She told H-Metro she will relocate anytime soon since her rented house was now being sold.

“I am not running away from my clients, as some people are suggesting, but I will be leaving this place for Seke rural.

“I have been engaging Chief Seke for a place at Mayambara and I am likely to relocate there,” said Gogo Mamwoyo.

However, Chief Seke denied holding any talks with Gogo Mamwoyo.

“Gogo Mamwoyo never approached me about a place in Mayambara, maybe she is yet to see me about her plans,” said Chief Seke.


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