A man from Bulawayo’s Mahatshula South suburb lost his wife and daughter within six days after a get-rich quick muthi that he had acquired from a powerful inyanga in Mozambique turned on him and his family.

The man first realised that something was wrong when the money he was making started disappearing, but he did not take any action.

He would wake up outside his house in the morning even though he would have slept in his bed the night before.

Again, he did not take any action.

On 3 March this year, his wife died in a car accident. He did not think it was the muthi.

However, when his daughter died in another car accident on 9 March, he knew that something was wrong.

He moved out of his house and sought the help of Madzibaba Ian Andiriya, a prophet at Nketa 6’s Johane Masowe Chishanhu shrine.

On 21 March, Madzibaba Andiriya went to the man’s Mahatshula South house and unearthed the cause of the man’s misfortune.

It was the muthi which allegedly was actually a mischievous creature that wanted to take away all his family, worldly possessions and finally his life.

When he destroyed the creature, it bled — and he claimed the blood it let out was that of his wife and daughter!

“I went with him to his house and through God’s guidance the man showed me where he had hidden the muthi which had now grown bigger and had only a mouth and teeth, it was hard to identify what it looked like.

Where this thing was I also found money there, it seems it used to steal money from him and hide it there.

Through prayers I took it outside and destroyed it.

“My advice to people is that they should be careful on the things they take home from the prophets or inyanga because these days people are wicked so it’s better to first do a background check of a person before taking things home which might be a danger, Madzibaba Andiriya said.

With the muthi destroyed, the man has since moved back to his house.

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