FORMER Gweru mayor Josiah Makombe says he is prepared to return the US$70 000 Toyota Prado vehicle he is being accused of holding onto.

Makombe was earlier this week accused of abusing the municipal SUV handed to him for official use during his tenure as mayor of the country’s third largest city.

He was recalled from council by the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T after pledging allegiance to rival opposition CCC president Nelson Chamisa.

Makombe said he was only in possession of the vehicle because council was yet to communicate to him on the matter.

“When I became mayor, council resolved that instead of buying a new car for the office of the mayor, I could be given one that was already there which was bought in 2018 for business and personal use. There was also an agreement that at the end of my term, I would be given an option to buy it at book value,” Makombe said.

“When I was recalled the, onus was on council to rescind that resolution, which was implemented partially. The the decision is entirely council’s; whether they want to rescind the resolution or continue with it. If they feel I should buy it as per the resolution it’s all up to them. I am awaiting council’s communication and when it comes I will abide by it.”

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