THERE was drama in Bulawayo’s Gwabalanda suburb when the burial of a 12-year-old girl was temporarily halted on Thursday after the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) said the burial could not go ahead without a second post-mortem.

Friends and family members pay their last respects to the deceased during body viewing at a funeral parlour in Bulawayo yesterday

Kwanele Ndlovu is said to have died suddenly after complaining of stomach pains that were thought not to be serious.


The entombment of the Grade 7 pupil was supposed to have taken place in the morning but was stopped after a staffer from UBH called and said the correct procedure of having two post-mortems from two different doctors had not been done.


The parents of Kwanele had to go to UBH with the police from Luveve police station to sign papers for the burial to go ahead.


Kwanele was then buried in the afternoon at 2pm after body viewing was done at Falakhe Funeral Parlour at 1pm.

Mourners expressed shock at the passing of Kwanele.


“It’s so painful to bury your child and Kwanele was such a brilliant kid.


Last Saturday I saw her at church and she just looked healthy and live, this has caused so much pain to everyone close to her especially her classmates who were crying at the service at Gwabalanda before the complications arose that the funeral had to be on pause till the post-mortem issue was finalised,” said George Moyo, a pastor.


Kwanele’s headmistress, speaking on condition of anonymity, described her as a bright pupil.


“Kwanele was such a bright pupil and was the chosen head girl for this year and this is really painful to us because we had hoped for a bright future ahead of her,” she said.


Her parents were too emotional to comment.


Attempts to get a comment from UBH were abortive as the acting chief executive officer Dr Narcisius Dzvanga was unreachable.

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