Controversial Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has challenged his estranged girlfriend and socialite Susan Mutami to come out and publicly show the twins she claims to have had with him.

Mliswa believes Mutami lied about having twins and instead only gave birth to one child whose paternity he still wants confirmed.

In early 2021 Mutami accused Mliswa of bedding and neglecting her while she was pregnant with the twins.

On Friday, Mliswa asked Mutami to disclose pictures of the twins. This was after the socialite had shared a frame of a single child.

“Ko, Mai MaTwins (?), @susan_mutami balance me here. When all is said and done, I don’t want to act irresponsibly, so in the spirit of tidying up affairs, we all need closure and a positive way forward. I’m a bit confused though, do you really have twins? (Pic courtesy from your handle),” Mliswa said.

“I’ve only ever received one birth registration form for one child, you had the same one sent at 2 different times on the same day, look at the reg #. In your pics you only ever have one with you, in this pic, there’s only one child seat. Saka Susan, imwe Shumba iripi?”

He added: “Inga the form clearly says what to do in the event of twins. Huuya tiite DNA, then kana vari(ari) wangu, Shumba ngadzipinde mudanga! Asi are you claiming only one is mine and the other is someone else’s?….(no photoshop please) the ball is in your court to clear this up…

“Oh, and the reason I’m using this platform is that it seems you’ve very publicly pulled the wool over many eyes and I’m sure they’d want to know too.”

The two had a nasty fall-out last year with Mutami later revealing she was pregnant with Mliswa’s twins.

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