Women's Parliamentary Caucus chairperson‚ Paurina Mpariwa

MPs on Tuesday suggested that the International Women’s Day, which is commemorated every year on March 8, be declared a public holiday so that women could take time off to celebrate their achievements as mothers.

The International Women’s Day was adopted by the United Nations in 1977.

Women’s Parliamentary Caucus chairperson‚ Paurina Mpariwa (MDC Alliance) told the National Assembly that the motion to declare it a public holiday was adopted in Parliament 10 years ago but nothing has been implemented.

“I think we have had 10 years of questions, motions and reports in this Parliament where women have bemoaned the absence of the 52%, which is the majority of the population, to have a holiday just to celebrate International Women’s Day,” she said.

“How good would it have been for all the widows just to be with their grandchildren and their children just to commemorate or celebrate the work that they have done.”

About 27 countries around the globe have declared International Women’s Day as a national holiday.

Zimbabwe Peace Project said the number of women being violated was worrying.

“Women make nearly 50% of civil and political human rights victims every month due to lack of prioritisation of in the implementation of the legislation and policies despite the gains the government has made in putting legislation and policies like the gender policy and the national disability policy,” ZPP said in a statement.

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