Deutsch Connect founder and CEO Kumbirai Chipadza

The Covid 19 pandemic has seen a rise in e-learning and afforded people across the world an opportunity to learn digitally enhancing knowledge and skills transfer as creating global networks and job opportunities.

Amidst this rise in global e-learning, Zimbabwean schools are taking advantage and forging partnerships with international organisations in order to give their students a wider selection choice of university and career opportunities.

Errymaple International School headmaster, Tawanda Guranyika said they have invested in e-learning so as to link their students with prospective institutions particularly in Germany.

“We have set in place a system that makes it possible for our school to offer the German language as a subject through e-learning,” Guranyika said.

“We want to make sure our students learn a foreign language that is why we have partnered with Deutsch Connect Academy.

“We want our students to be linked with at least one of these big economies in the world.

“When they want to go to Germany it becomes easier for them to get tertiary education since they would have already learnt the language.”

Deutsch Connect founder and CEO Kumbirai Chipadza said they launched the institution to cater for young Africans looking to learn the German language and find volunteer, study, apprenticeship and job placements in Germany or with German companies in Africa.

“The current global situation surrounding the pandemic has enabled us to create more innovative approaches to iforeign language learning,” Chipadza said.

“Our approach is centred on the learner’s priorities, work schedules and lifestyle.

“We prioritise the financial and logistical considerations of our clients and increases engagement as it offers the flexibility in scheduling needed by corporate learners, allows the learner to have regular live interaction with a native speaker of the target language without having to leave his or her workplace among other benefits.

“While we are targeting the whole of Africa, charity begins at home and we are excited to be partnering with Errymaple International School and other Zimbabwean schools.”

The Deutsch Connect Academy will also provide German companies with opportunities for talent acquisition of African skilled persons and verification of qualifications at a time Germany is facing a labour shortage of 400 000 workers per year.

Germany is renowned for its dual vocational training programme, which combines school and practical work making the graduates highly skilled and employable anywhere in the world

“In March Deutsch Connect is launching a series of Meet German Universities starting with Jacobs University on March 11, 2022.

They have partnered with Rydings College and Errymaple International School to afford Zimbabwean students opportunity to hear about the programmes offered by the different German universities.

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